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We Are All Ghostbusters

I took in a midnight showing of Ghostbusters (1984) over the weekend. While I’ve seen every part of that movie tens of times since I first saw it, I hadn’t sat down and watched it from start to finish since I saw it in the theater when I was eight years old. The re-watch reminded me that Ghostbusters is an infinitely lovable movie with enduring charm.   Continue reading


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Is Poop Funny in Movies?

There are a lot of things that divide the movie-going populace. Just a few weeks back, I talked about Inception (2010) and touched briefly on the drastically different views that two groups have of that film. Recently, Jessica at the Velvet Café tackled the different (and divisive) ways that movie-goers use the word “pretentious”. And then, there’s poop. Modern film history is littered with fecal references. A large part of audiences will wince, or flat-out avoid films that are likely to have poop references. Still others will actively seek out these kinds of films. Let’s take a small look at whether or not poop in movies is funny. Continue reading


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Infographic: What Are We Seeing in Wes Anderson Movies?

It’s sort of become fashionable lately to needle Wes Anderson. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s not so much that I disagree with a lot of the criticism. It’s that I enjoy the movies regardless. To help bridge the gap between the Wes Anderson fans and haters, I present to you this infographic detailing precisely what’s on the screen during his movies: Continue reading


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