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The Ten Best Scenes from Mel Brooks Movies


Mel Brooks has been getting a lot of love lately. Recently, the AFI gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award. PBS aired an American Masters episode about him. Last December, HBO aired a lengthy interview with him. This type of attention is well-deserved for a man who contributed so much to the world of comedy in his lifetime. He was the right man at the right time- a brilliant mind, unafraid to cross the line, and he dabbled in rich parodies of pop culture in an age that embraced that type of humor. Here are the ten best Mel Brooks scenes. Continue reading


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Icons of Comedy: Mel Brooks

I’m starting a new series called “Icons of…”, in which I’ll shine the spotlight on a hero of two of my favorite genres–comedy and horror. Historically, both genres have given us directors and especially actors whose careers embody all of the things that make those genres so great. Today, I’ll focus on one of comedy’s true titans, Mel Brooks. Continue reading


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Movie Scenes, Movie Theaters

As the clichéd saying goes, “Art imitates life”. And thus, since film is a form of art, it also imitates life. And films that imitate life wouldn’t exist if people weren’t populating theaters to watch them… which is a part of life. Naturally, films have featured some really great scenes in movie theaters. Here are some of my favorites.

Taxi Driver (1976)
The unimaginably awkward Travis Bickle scores a date with the beautiful Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) and takes her to the movies. The punchline- the horribly uncomfortable punchline that makes the viewer wince- is that Bickle’s idea of a dream date is taking her to a pornographic film, even despite her protestations upon realizing where he’s taken her.  Continue reading


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More Great Moments in Movie History, Using Stick Figures

Back by lukewarm demand, it’s “Great Moments in Movie History, Using Stick Figures”!

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