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Bob Dylan Songs That Could be Movies, Part Two

A few weeks ago, I expressed my love of the music and writing ability of Bob Dylan by singling out a list of songs that he’s written that could be turned into movies. His songs thrive on the personal touch he embeds paired with their symbolic nature. And in fact, there are so many of his songs that could be screenplays that I realized I’d have to write it as a two-part article. To be honest, after writing part two, I realize that part three would take no time at all to put together. That said, whether or not I go for the Dylan hat trick, enjoy part two in the meantime. Continue reading


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Bob Dylan Songs That Could be Movies, Part One

In the spring of 1996, when I was a college sophomore, I decided that I should introduce myself to Bob Dylan. That’s just what college kids were supposed to do. On a whim, I bought Highway 61 Revisited. And I’ve gone bananas for Dylan ever since. There are loads of reasons for people to enjoy Dylan. For me, as much as anything else, it’s the depth of his lyrics. They weave amazing stories with multiple layers. They’re intensely personal and human in every way. But they have just enough of a dash of the cryptic to make it relatable for anyone. As it turns out, these are all elements that lend themselves to screenplays. There are many, many Dylan songs that I’ve always thought were ripe for the rigors of a screenplay. There are so many that I’ve broken it up into two parts. Here’s part one. Continue reading


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More Fake Criterion Covers

Here are some more “What if Criterion released…” fake covers that I’ve created.

Bride of Frankenstein is probably my favorite. Three of the  four Keaton films were intended as part of a fictional Keaton Box Set. Sleepaway Camp is obviously a lark (and I hope that someone, anyone gets it). The intention on the two Night of the Iguana versions would be to have the pink printed as a metallic pink with a spot gloss on the  iguana. The Spirit of the Beehive is already a Criterion release (with great artwork, I might add). Enjoy!  Continue reading


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