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The 12 Best Heads to Appear in Jars in Futurama

Good news, everyone! Futurama returns this week. It all begins Thursday night when the second series since the show’s rebirth will air on Comedy Central. Part of the show’s charm is the group of running jokes- French being a dead language in the future, people saying “aks” instead of “ask” and “X-mas” instead of “Christmas”, etc. One of my favorite running gags is the series of historical figures from the past, present, and future (meaning, time between the year 2000 and the year 3000) whose heads are preserved in jars. Here are the twelve best: Continue reading


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The Inexplicable Success of Manager Jake Taylor in Major League II

Thanks to a fever, I’ve had a day and a half to nap and watch crappy television. Enter Major League II, which I had last seen on a bus in college en route to a game in suburban St. Louis. It was somehow worse than I’d remembered. But that’s not what sticks in my craw. After all, you can’t have high expectations for a movie that lists the All State insurance spokesman as a co-star. No, what bothered me was a series of inexplicably horrible but ultimately successful decisions made by interim Tribe skipper Jake Taylor. You may recall that Taylor took the reins from Lou Brown following Brown’s heart attack mid-season. What did Taylor do wrong? Continue reading


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