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For a few weeks, I’d heard that Vince Gilligan was touting episodes 5 and 7 of this Breaking Bad mini-season as the two that would cause the most discussion. Episode five, named “Dead Freight”, aired last night. As you can probably judge from my headline, I think Gilligan’s warning was spot-on. Let’s discuss, shall we? Continue reading


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Quick Thoughts About the Breaking Bad Season Premiere

All hail King Walt, for he has returned. Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, the first in the fifth (and final) season, did not disappoint. We learned a lot about the direction the season is going to take. Without further delay, let’s get into some quick thoughts about the season premiere, named “Live Free or Die”. Continue reading


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Odds on Potential Events in Breaking Bad’s Final Season

There are a hundreds of reasons to love AMC’s Breaking Bad. The biggest reason I love the show is the writing. It’s efficient and thorough, never wasting a set-up from prior episodes or seasons. The sheer unpredictability of it all leaves viewers at the edge of their seats each week, trying to decipher how Walt and Jesse will work their way out of their latest jam. But now there’s only one season left, truncated and divided into two 8-episode mini-seasons. The next 16 episodes will bring us closure, beginning this Sunday. I’ve put together some Vegas-style odds for possible outcomes in the final season. Continue reading


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The Culture of Breaking Bad

The premiere of the final season of Breaking Bad is less than a month away. That fact makes me very, very happy. If you’ve been reading TDYLF for a while, then you know I can’t go very long without mentioning how much I love Breaking Bad. It’s my favorite show on TV right now, and it’s going to wind up as my favorite show ever unless Vince Gilligan and crew completely fumble the ball in the final season. But I’m not alone in my admiration for the show. Breaking Bad has a following that borders on cult-like. It manifests itself all over the place. The show’s creators have helped fan the flames with some really ingenious marketing materials. Here are some examples of Breaking Bad’s entry into the zeitgeist. Continue reading


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Return Dates for 2012 Cable TV Dramas

The next few weeks will be big if you’re a fan of cable and premium cable drama. Two of the heavyweights of cable TV drama will start their next seasons on the heels of the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead. It can be maddening if you’re a fan of these shows, waiting for the networks to wrap up production and air the next season. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve done a google search for this information the last few years, I’d… well, I’d probably have $50. But you get the idea. To help, I’ve compiled some updates (as of March 19) for the return of your favorite cable TV dramas. Continue reading


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Careers in Infancy: Early Roles for Premium Cable TV Actors

Actors often have to work a long time before hitting it big. And that’s assuming they hit it big at all. Sometimes, they can’t get steady film work and turn to TV. Still other times, they’re drawn to TV. But before they gain major roles on high-quality TV shows, they’re bound to have a lot of little-known work under their belt. Here are some examples from several of my favorite shows: Continue reading


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Four Obvious Aspects That Will Make Television Drama Sink or Swim

The last decade or so has given us banner years for premium cable drama. It started with HBO shows like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Carnivale. Then it expanded to a few Showtime selections–Dexter and Californication, even as HBO continued to pile on other options. Since then, both AMC and FX have gotten into the game with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and Justified. A great deal of these shows have entertained audiences endlessly. Others have taken the next step into critical acclaim. The quickest route to critical acclaim is to pay special attention to four aspects, which will ultimately play a large role in determining whether or not a show will sink or swim. They’re really obvious aspects, far easier to define than to accomplish when writing TV drama. Many shows can survive, even thrive, without excelling in these four categories, but it’s clearly not ideal. Continue reading


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Breaking Bad Season 4: Final Thoughts

Breaking Bad wrapped up its fourth season last night. The season was everything that fans of the show could conceivably have wanted. Before putting the show away for awhile, now is the perfect time to do a synapse dump of final thoughts on the recently completed season. Spoilers follow. Continue reading


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Breaking Bad Spinoffs I’d Like to See

One of the secrets to creating a good TV show- among many secrets- is to create a deep cast of interesting characters, all with unique personalities and motivations. This is especially true after the protagonists have been established. Breaking Bad is a show that excels in this arena. Almost immediately after Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were in place, we started to meet the galaxy of characters that would generate the tension that makes the show work so well. On the brink of season four (starting July 17th), I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about these characters and how they might work if they had their own shows. Here are some spinoffs I’d like to see:

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The Eight Best Moments on Breaking Bad

One of the finest features of AMC’s critically-acclaimed hit Breaking Bad is that there has been a flood of memorable moments and scenes. It started in the very first episode and has continued right on through the third season. With fans (like me) anxiously awaiting the start of the fourth season on July 17th, I need a way to tide myself over for the next 10 weeks. Here’s a list of the eight best moments on Breaking Bad. Why only eight? I could’ve named 30 best moments on my favorite show, but wanted to leave lots of room for discussion.

Warning: spoilers for all three seasons of Breaking Bad Continue reading


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