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Is Poop Funny in Movies?

There are a lot of things that divide the movie-going populace. Just a few weeks back, I talked about Inception (2010) and touched briefly on the drastically different views that two groups have of that film. Recently, Jessica at the Velvet Café tackled the different (and divisive) ways that movie-goers use the word “pretentious”. And then, there’s poop. Modern film history is littered with fecal references. A large part of audiences will wince, or flat-out avoid films that are likely to have poop references. Still others will actively seek out these kinds of films. Let’s take a small look at whether or not poop in movies is funny. Continue reading


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Great Moments in Movie History: Caddyshack

The topic of today’s “Great Moment in Movie History” comes to us courtesy of Caddyshack’s lovable scamp, Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield). Many characters wreaked havoc on Bushwood Country Club but none did it as well as Czervik. No character could get under Judge Smails’ (Ted Knight) skin the way that Al Czervik did. I’ve memorialized his greatest moment harassing Judge Smails. Enjoy! Continue reading


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Nine Lessons I Learned From Chevy Chase in the ’80s

Chevy Chase’s magical run through the 1980’s was an integral piece in the way that my love of comedy films developed. But it wasn’t just laughs that Chevy gave us. He also imparted wisdom. If you were paying attention, you learned some lessons. Such as:

1. Don’t waste opportunities
If you’re four short hours away from the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth while on a cross-country family vacation, take advantage of it. Carpe diem, I say. Seize that twiney bull by the horns and never let go.

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Twelve Movie Characters I’d Want to Drink With

There are a lot of admirable movie characters out there. But there are different kinds of admiration. I think it’d be hilarious to hang out with, say, Fielding Mellish from Bananas. But over drinks? Not so much. You see, some people are simply more fun to be around when in a social environment, with alcohol involved. Here are twelve movie characters I’d like to drink with:

Tom Powers, The Public Enemy

As someone who’ll give a beatdown to bar owners who won’t sell his hooch, he’d obviously know all of the best taverns. Moreover, how great would it be to listen to all of those references to “dames” and “molls” and such? Continue reading


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