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15 Images of Martin Scorsese on Set

A lot of things happen to a movie before anyone actually sees it on screen. Most of what happens isn’t even seen on screen when it’s a finished product. The behind the scenes stuff makes up the guts of a film, and I’m in favor of bringing some of that to light. Here are 15 pictures of Martin Scorsese plying his craft throughout his career, on set. Continue reading


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Martin Scorsese-Themed Breakfast Cereals

If pop culture can give us breakfast food like C3PO’s and E.T. Cereal, I think they can do better. C3PO and E.T. might sell a tasty cardboard-like product to kids, but what about for the adults? Don’t we eat cereal as well? Here’s my proposal for some cereals that revolve around Martin Scorsese films:

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Come on Baby, Light These Movie Characters on Fire

I could give some sort of preamble here, an introductory paragraph of sorts. Doors reference aside, I think the headline is as much truth in advertising as you’ll ever find. What is this? It’s a list of movie characters who were lit on fire. It all begins with a spark:

Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight
I suppose this also includes Rachel Dawes- both were taken down via explosion. But Harvey’s trial by fire is the one that we witnessed. Continue reading


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Toting the Totem From “Inception” into Other Films

This year, Inception inserted the word “totem” into our vernacular. Here’s the dialogue that defined the totem in the film: Continue reading


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