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The Beatles and Film Production


Over the weekend, I watched Martin Scorsese’s excellent documentary, George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Harrison was an astounding human being- both an unquestioned musical genius, and a renaissance man with vast array of interests. Among his varied interests, amazingly, Harrison was a film producer. In fact, the Beatles have individually had a hand in shepherding quite a few films along the way to completion. As it turns out, Abbey Road was quite a hub for the world of film. Continue reading


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Poop as Justice in Movies

Last week, I touched on whether or not feces is actually funny in movies. While studying poop humor, several themes began to emerge in the way that poop is used as a cinematic device. For instance, poop occasionally introduces itself as an avenging angel in film. When villainous characters get their comeuppance, poop sneaks into the equation at times. Not only is it humorous when applied to nefarious characters. It gives us the justice and vengeance that we crave as an audience. Here are several instances in which poop is used as justice. Continue reading


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