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100 Things I Love About Movies


It’s good to have rituals. It’s good to reaffirm your faith in certain institutions. And clearly, if you’re reading this site, then you know that cinema is one of those institutions. It’s time for another “100 Things I Love About Movies” list. As you may recall from the other times I’ve performed this exercise, this list isn’t a top 100, nor is it the ONLY 100 things I love about movies. It’s a snapshot of 100 specific things I love about movies. A complete list of things I love about movies would be staggering, as is the case for most of us. Continue reading


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10 People Who Shaped My Sense of Humor

From the time you’re born, people try to make you laugh. That’s because there’s not much better than laughter. Whether you’re giving or receiving laughter, it’s such a simple and human connection. We all learn about humor somewhere, and pop culture is an undeniable source. There are several actors (and otherwise) who taught me how to laugh. These are the first ten that come to mind. Continue reading


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Infographics: Inebriation and Likelihood of Film Genre Selection

There are three lessons to be learned here:

1. If I’m drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants, I’ll watch almost anything.

2. I have to be drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants to watch a musical or a romantic comedy.

3. Nunsploitation and comedy films are almost always good.

Let’s roll that fabulous bean footage. As always, there are higher-res versions available if you click on the various images.

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