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Long, Strong, and Down to Get the Classics On: The Insanely Long Movie Checklist

Despite the fact that Sir Mix-A-Lot’s knighthood is clearly invalid, I’ve still opted to quote him because his long/strong/down to get the friction on line from the timeless “Baby Got Back” perfectly pertains to several fantastic bits of cinema. These are films that show up on “Greatest” lists all the time. They’re influential, and some of the best movies ever made. They’re also, unfortunately, endurance tests that require 4 hours or more of viewing. In at least a few cases, it’s best to think of them as a mini-series, viewed an hour or two at a time. Here’s my checklist of insanely long movies that I have seen or that I intend to see. Continue reading


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Hooray, Hoorah, a List for ol’ Mizzou

After Mizzou football surged to 6-0 yesterday with a resounding victory over Texas A&M, the Tigers have set up a neat mid-season showdown next weekend with their long-time nemesis/tormenter, Oklahoma. ESPN’s College Gameday is even coming to Columbia for the first time ever. Out of excitement for the game and pride in the way they’ve played, here are six film references to the state of Missouri with a heavy emphasis on the University. Continue reading


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