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You Bastards! 15 Hilarious Things that have Killed Kenny

The 15th season of South Park starts this week. It’s been a fantastic run for Trey Parker and Matt Stone and their universe of foul-mouthed 4th graders. Along the way, Stone and Parker have needled just about every celebrity and hot button issue possible. Nothing at all has been sacred. And yet, my favorite gag on the show remains the many deaths of Kenny McCormick. While they’ve become less frequent, the show still toys around with Kenny’s death. Everyone’s favorite 9 year old welfare recipient has bitten the dust 86 times. Here are 15 hilarious things that have killed Kenny. You bastards!

1. The Mir Space Station
This happened in the first season of the show, when Kenny’s death was just becoming a recurring gag. And it’s an early example of Parker and Stone having fun with topical matters. At the time, Mir had collided in space with a cargo craft. Come October while airing the first South Park Halloween episode, Mir came tumbling to earth and crushed Kenny as the boys were waiting for the school bus. Technically, he came back to life as a zombie in the same episode when he was embalmed with Worcestershire sauce, and then caused a zombie outbreak by giving everyone the most horribly misdiagnosed case of pinkeye ever.

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