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Potential Ghost Hunting Shows

Ghost hunting shows have been all the rave with tv viewers the last few years. Seemingly every network has one. In addition to the wildly popular Ghost Hunters on SyFy, there’s also Ghost Lab (Discovery Channel; The Haunted (Animal Planet); Celebrity Ghost Stories AND My Ghost Story (Bio); Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel); Paranormal State (A&E), and I’m sure many more. You can even go as far back as 15 years ago when the History Channel started Haunted History. By my count, you have the police, dogs, historians, Scott Baio, some annoying and loud Travel Channel guys, and scientists all chasing ghosts. That’s a lot of ground covered. But there’s still fertile territory out there. What other ghost-themed shows are missing from television? Here are my suggestions. Continue reading


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The Greatest American Anti-Hero: Seven Great TV Anti-Heroes

Back in the late 60’s when Hollywood wanted to shake things up a bit, they turned theaters over to a bunch of young bucks named Coppola and Scorsese and the like. One of the things this group did was to canonize the anti-hero– characters like Michael Corleone and Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker helped shake off the shackles of the Hayes Code era. Television, however, didn’t really follow suit. There may have been the occasional anti-hero on TV, but it wasn’t until the last decade or two that the anti-hero really started to take root on television. And now, it’s as popular as ever. Seemingly every new series features someone who is doing something they shouldn’t be doing. And we sympathize with them. We love them, despite (and sometimes because of) their evil deeds. Here are my seven favorite TV anti-heroes: Continue reading


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Giving Up the Ghost (Dads)

I can’t say that ghostly fathers come back very often, either in film OR television. But it does happen. Here are five such instances. To tell the truth, I just wanted an excuse to compare Bill Cosby to Hamlet. Continue reading


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Seven TV Characters I Wish Dexter Morgan Would Murder

We all revel in Dexter Morgan’s role as “The Dark Defender”, hunting down criminals and turning them into human tossed salad. Unfortunately, in Dexter’s world, we only get to see him hack up people in fictional Miami. There are other people in fictional TV World that also deserve to meet their maker at the hands of a gay funeral director-turned-serial killer. Here are seven candidates.

Lila kind of made him look like an angry gorilla on LSD. And for that, she should die. Oh wait...

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