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Great Moments in Movie History Using Stick Figures: Die Hard (1988)

Tomorrow, for the fifth time in human history, people will go to theaters to see John McClane do battle with terrorists as part of the Die Hard series. It’s been a great run for Bruce Willis. Yippee kai-yay, and so forth. But no matter what happens in A Good Day to Die Hard, the latest release, it will be almost impossible to top the first film in the series. And so today, the first Die Hard from 1988 receives the honor of becoming memorialized using stick figures.  Continue reading


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The 9 Best Ventilation Duct Scenes

Look around your room right now. You will no doubt see an air vent somewhere. You might think that it’s for transporting climate-controlled air around your dwelling, and you’re right. But if you watch enough movies, you’ll realize that it’s apparently meant to be used for many other things. It’s intended as a means of illegal break-in and escape. Or maybe you can use it to hide things, even people. Whatever the case, if you’re only using your air vent and ducts for climate control, then you’re misusing the product. Here are the nine best examples of ventilation duct usage in movies. Continue reading


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