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Moss Effect: My Favorite Work from Artist Olly Moss


The other day, regular reader/unofficial mayor of Baltimore Scott Carberry posted a link in my comments section to some amazing work. It was to a poster for the 85th Oscar Awards. And the artwork blew me away. I found out that it was the work of Olly Moss. After a little digging, I discovered that Moss has created a LOT of movie poster art that I’ve seen and admired through the years, but didn’t realize he was responsible. I’m a designer for a living, and I can tell you that the quality that Olly Moss creates is what we all want to create. Here are some of my favorite movie-related posters created by Moss. Continue reading


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Baltimore vs. San Francisco: The Super Bowl of Movies


We’re just a few days away from the Super Bowl, which pits the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers. It takes a lot for a team to reach the Super Bowl. What it certainly does NOT take is possessing a rich movie scene in a team’s home city. But let’s compare the two anyway, just in case this is finally the year where that kind of thing somehow makes a difference on the field. Which city boasts a better movie scene, Baltimore or San Francisco? Continue reading


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Five Scenes that Made me a Clint Eastwood Fan for Life

There comes a time in every man’s life when he watches his first Clint Eastwood film. For some lucky dudes, it happens when they’re very young. Still others don’t get the chance until they’re approaching adulthood, or even actually adults. Regardless of age, most men have the same reaction. The testosterone boils inside, and then they spend the next week squinting at everything and muttering their words in a breathy tone that borders on threatening. “Now, ma, I’m only going to say it once–pass the milk”. For me, there have been five Eastwood scenes that have cemented my fandom for the rest of my life. Continue reading


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Failed Product Endorsements from the Movies

I wish any of these had ever been real.

Swanson Liver and Fava Bean Frozen Dinner

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