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Fake Criterion Covers of Coen Brother Films

Gentle readers, today marks the end of an era. A year and a half ago, I discovered that people everywhere were creating fake Criterion covers for various non-Criterion films. There was some amazing artwork out there (along with some really crappy stuff), and I wanted to hop in the game. Since then, I’ve created several of my own. However, after a year and a half, lots of people are doing it now. It feels like it’s become played out, or jumped the proverbial shark. And many people are doing it quite a bit better than yours truly. So short of a very specific reason to jump back in, I’m hanging up the fake Criterion covers after this entry. That said, I have one more article in me–today’s article, featuring fake Criterion covers of Coen brother films. Without further ado… Continue reading


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100 Things I Love About the Movies

I passed a milestone recently here at TDYLF. Thanks to the help of the editors over at IMDB, I passed the 100,000 Hits milestone on Sunday (with a whopping 80,000+ of those hits coming just since September 30th). To celebrate, I’m beginning a brand new series called “100 Things I Love About the Movies”. To be sure, there a LOT more than 100 things that I love about the movies. As such, this has the potential to become a series- 100 Things I Love About Horror Movies, 100 Things I Love About Foreign Movies, and on and on. I present to you the first edition of “100 Things I Love About the Movies”.

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What if the Criterion Collection released The Big Lebowski?

Over at the Website Formerly Known as The Auteurs, they had/still have a fake Criterion covers thread. What would it look like if the Criterion Collection released The Big Lebowski? I like to think it’d look something like these.

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Great Moments in Movie History: Fargo

Stormare’s dialogue is in reference to the VW ads he did a few years ago.

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