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Blu Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011)

Late in 2011, I wrote down a series of movie-related New Year’s resolutions for myself in 2012. One of those resolutions was to challenge myself by seeing films I might ordinarily pass up. Ironically enough, right around the time I was making that resolution, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close hit theatres. It looked like a lot of cloying dreck, to be blunt, and I had planned to avoid it. This, despite the fact that it was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture. Fast forward nearly six months. Warner Brothers sent me my own Blu-ray copy of Extremely Loud for free. It was as if they said “Oh, you’re challenging yourself, John? Here’s a free copy of Extremely Loud. Your move.” And so I shed my preconceived notions and watched the movie. Continue reading


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