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The Movie Weekend That Was


This weekend was loaded with variety, including an acclaimed 2013 film, work from icons like David Lynch and Ingmar Bergman, a Michael Bay film (yes! Michael Bay!), a 70s sci-fi cult classic, and The Documentary You’re Looking For. This is the movie weekend that was. Continue reading


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Remembering Erland Josephson: A Career in Screen Stills

For years, Woody Allen has used “surrogates”. They’re characters who are the on-screen representation of Woody Allen. Many directors do the same thing. For instance, Ingmar Bergman did it often, and he almost always used a member of his troupe of actors. Over the weekend, one of Bergman’s surrogates, Erland Josephson, passed away. He was 89 years old. He and Bergman collaborated on more than 40 films and plays. As a fan of Bergman, I am a fan of Josephson by proxy. To honor his career, here are a series of screen caps of Josephson in Bergman films. Continue reading


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