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Fictional Holiday Specials That I Wish Were Real

We’re officially in the throes of Hanukkah, and just a few days away from Christmas. This means that if you haven’t finished your shopping, you’re probably boned. It also means that holiday specials are in full bloom. Everyone is familiar with the real holiday specials–Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch–but how about the satire versions that appear in our favorite movies and TV shows? Here are some fictional holiday specials that I wish were real. Continue reading


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The Holiday Specials Quiz

In just a few short days, America will celebrate Thanksgiving. And a few short hours after that, the wonderful onslaught of holiday specials will begin. For a month, networks will march out every conceivable claymation and animation character and every holiday story to put you in the mood to BUY BUY BUY! To help you prepare, I’ve created a holiday specials quiz. How will you fare? Are you a grinch? A magical snowman? Santa? Continue reading


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The 10 Best Cartoon Dogs in TV History

Dogs are, in a word, great. They’re the only creature on earth (not related to me) whose feces I’d consider picking up. Of course, TV has had some great dogs. But everyone knows about Lassie, Eddie (Frasier), and even Apollo and Zeus (Magnum P.I.). Nobody really sings the praises of the cartoon dogs. Here are the ten best.

1. Seymour, Futurama

“I like you, Seymour. You’re not constantly judging me like all the other dogs.” (pause) “Are you?” I have never wanted to own a TV dog more than Seymour. The end of that whole episode, where Seymour gets old waiting for Fry to return, might just be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Um… pardon me, I have some dust in my eye. *sniff* Continue reading


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Battle of the (Fake) Bands: The 10 Best TV/Movie Musicians

Will the Partridge Family make the cut? No. No they won't.

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