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My Criterion Top 10: Alex Withrow


The Criterion Top 10 Series rolls on. As I mentioned yesterday, over the next few weeks, I’ll be running contributions from some of my favorite film critics, writers, and theorists from around the internet. Each writer will list their top 10 from the Criterion Collection, mirroring Criterion’s own Top 10 series. Today’s article is a real treat, coming from filmmaker Alex Withrow. While most of us enjoy watching and discussing film, Alex is down in the trenches actually making them, having moved to Los Angeles last year to continue his dream. He has written and directed two shorts- Full Circle (2008) and Earrings (2012)– and is currently in post-production on his third film, Wait. Moreover, Alex has a tremendous site, And So It Begins, which regularly features incredible in-depth articles about directors, actors, essays, and film reviews.You can (and should) find his films here, and follow him on Twitter @shiftingPersona.
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Polish Film Posters for Ingmar Bergman Films


Whatever’s in the water in Poland, I’d like to drink it. Because Polish movie poster artists have quite a knack for spinning film art into something completely unique. It’s as evident anywhere as it is with posters for the films of Ingmar Bergman, whose work was ripe for artistic interpretation and visual license. The beauty of these posters is that they’re intriguing even if you’re unfamiliar with Bergman or Polish art. And they’re a visual treat if you’re familiar with either. Here are ten Polish movie posters for Ingmar Bergman films. Continue reading


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Great Moments in Movie History: Fanny and Alexander (1982)

After bringing the Great Moments in Movie History series back from the dead last week, I realized how much fun I have making these things. And hopefully, you all enjoy them too. So I’m going to make a half-assed attempt at turning it into a weekly Friday feature. If I can get into the habit, I’ll use my whole ass and make it a weekly feature for good. Today’s great moment comes to us via Sweden’s very own Dr. Doom, Ingmar Bergman, and his 1982 epic Fanny and Alexander. Frankly, there’s one scene that instantly comes to mind whenever I think of this movie. And it’s been memorialized with stick figures now. Continue reading


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Remembering Erland Josephson: A Career in Screen Stills

For years, Woody Allen has used “surrogates”. They’re characters who are the on-screen representation of Woody Allen. Many directors do the same thing. For instance, Ingmar Bergman did it often, and he almost always used a member of his troupe of actors. Over the weekend, one of Bergman’s surrogates, Erland Josephson, passed away. He was 89 years old. He and Bergman collaborated on more than 40 films and plays. As a fan of Bergman, I am a fan of Josephson by proxy. To honor his career, here are a series of screen caps of Josephson in Bergman films. Continue reading


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Long, Strong, and Down to Get the Classics On: The Insanely Long Movie Checklist

Despite the fact that Sir Mix-A-Lot’s knighthood is clearly invalid, I’ve still opted to quote him because his long/strong/down to get the friction on line from the timeless “Baby Got Back” perfectly pertains to several fantastic bits of cinema. These are films that show up on “Greatest” lists all the time. They’re influential, and some of the best movies ever made. They’re also, unfortunately, endurance tests that require 4 hours or more of viewing. In at least a few cases, it’s best to think of them as a mini-series, viewed an hour or two at a time. Here’s my checklist of insanely long movies that I have seen or that I intend to see. Continue reading


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An Ode to Peter Stormare

I have decided to honor Peter Stormare with crappy poetry. Continue reading


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