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Films That Don’t Deliver on Their Titular Promises


One of my favorite daily reads is Goregirl’s Dungeon, a site run by someone who loves horror films more than anyone I know. And the content is always reliable and accurate. So a few weeks back, I reached out to see if Goregirl would write an article for me since I could never supply the kind of content she does. Graciously, she accepted. Goregirl’s Dungeon is run by- of course- Goregirl. That means that it’s a site that lives up to its titular promise, which separates it from the films on this list. 

I am sure when John asked me if I would like to contribute something to The Droid You’re Looking For he was expecting something horror-oriented, as horror is my primary focus at Goregirl’s Dungeon. I, however, was aching to do something that was not specifically horror-related. An episode of The Simpson’s put an idea in my head that has been rattling around in there for years. In this particular Simpsons episode Nelson proclaims his dissatisfaction with his viewing of Naked Lunch. This is the result… Continue reading


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A Friday Video: The Economic Impact of The Lord of the Rings

You probably haven’t heard, but Peter Jackson’s tiny, independent film, The Hobbit, is devouring theater screens all over the world. Obviously, it comes just a decade on the heels of his enormously popular Lord of the Rings trilogy.  And all of it derives from the gobs and gobs of copies sold of J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy works. As you can imagine, the Lord of the Rings franchise has generated a tremendous economic impact. The folks at OnlineMBA.com have put together a fascinating video that breaks it all down. If you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings, the movie business in general, or infographic-type statistics broken down into easily digestible bite-sized pieces, then it’s well worth the view. Continue reading

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Gone With the Wind: The Best Movie I’ll Ever Hate

As I mentioned earlier, Warner Brothers recently sent me a free copy of Gone With the Wind (1939) as part of the Blu-ray Elite program. I didn’t actually watch Gone With the Wind for the first time until a year and a half ago. There was no real reason that I’d avoided it. There simply had never been an occasion to watch it. I walked away impressed with the technical aspects of the film, but loathing a lot of other things. After that viewing, I dubbed it “the best movie I’ll ever hate”. Receiving it on Blu last week provided me a chance to possibly recalibrate my opinion, so I popped in the new format and gave it a second watch over the weekend. Had I hastily misjudged it? Continue reading


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The Bizarre Mystery Behind a Filmmaker Named J.X. Williams

My most recent selection from the incomparably deep collection offered by Facets was Experiments in Terror.  It features a series of six avant-garde, surrealist, obscure horror vignettes, some made as early as 1961. All of them struck a  chord with me, and I instantly started googling the individual short films to learn more. One in particular- The Virgin Sacrifice, made by a guy named J.X. Williams- has an extremely bizarre and fascinating history. Continue reading


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Do That To Me One More Time: The Movies We Watch Again and Again

The other day, I was having an email conversation with my friend Marty. I mentioned that I had seen Taxi Driver over the weekend. And that prompted Marty to tell me a small story about his relationship with that particular movie. “I was working on a huge art project when I was in college,” he said. Marty is now an award-winning graphic designer and art director. “It was a 10-part drawing series that had to do with crime. I was given the subject matter of a guy who robbed a liquor store, killed the clerk and was then given the death penalty,”  he continued. Continue reading


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The Big Screen Challenge

When filmmakers make movies, they’re almost always created with the idea that audiences will see them in a theatre. By seeing a movie in the theatre, you’re seeing it in a setting that’s arranged for optimal enjoyment, the way the creators intended. Sound means more, panoramic views have more weight, and audience reaction is palpable. This is something that dawned on me late last year. There’s no denying the creature comforts of sitting in your own sofa with nobody else around, but I contend that there’s something lost in translation. After all, the best televisions are trying to replicate what you get in the cinema. And yet, the overwhelming majority of films are viewed at home. In 2012, I’ve sought to rectify this by finding films that I’d seen at home and checking them out on the big screen to see how much more enjoyment I would get. It’s become a challenge for me, with a personal goal of 15 to 25 classic or non-new release films on the big screen in 2012. I’ve had an awful lot of fun doing it. And now, I’m hoping to spread this joy around a little. Continue reading


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The 10 Best Drunk Sequences in Movies

You’ve seen it countless times before–the drunk montage. Nobody really knows where it began. It was certainly present in the 1940s, and it may even go back to the German Expressionist era of the 1920s and 1930s. A character gets annihilated and then stumbles around town late at night often on rain-soaked streets. All the while, neon signs for seedy establishments float in the air, superimposed behind the drunkard, implying the sheer insanity of their evening. The drunk sequence has evolved over the years, with films from a variety of genres absorbing it as their own. Here are the 10 best. Continue reading


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A Tale of Two Woodys

2011 witnessed a collaboration from two impressive directors nearly reaching the pinnacle of filmmaking, with Midnight in Paris earning multiple Oscar nominations. What’s that you say? Woody Allen directed it, and not two different directors? I beg to differ. Continue reading


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Movies Filmed in Places I’ve Lived and Worked

As a child and throughout early adulthood, I moved a lot. By the time I was 17, I’d lived in four different states. By the time I was 26, I’d upped the ante to six different states, and had lived in multiple parts of three of those six. I’d lived in small communities, college-sized towns, and a major metropolitan area. All of this moving around allowed me to be around a lot of places that movies had been filmed, either while I was living there or in the past. Here’s the full list: Continue reading


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Infographic: Inanimate Objects That Murder People in Horror Movies

If you’re interested in making a horror movie, you have a lot of options for what type of villain to use. You can use ghosts, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, zombies, re-animated monsters, and several other creatures. The list is almost impossible to quantify. And the biggest reason the list is so hard to quantify is because you can use objects which were previously inanimate, but have come to life through some horrible voodoo in the interest of wreaking havoc. Here are some examples of homicidal inanimate objects from movies. In at least a few cases, the categories have more films than just the example I’ve listed: Continue reading


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