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Rankenstein: Ranking the Films About a Classic Hollywood Monster

Ever since Mary Shelley spent the 19th century’s most ghoulish summer with her husband, Percy, and Lord Byron, a lovable scamp comprised of a patchwork of corpse parts has captured the imaginations of readers and movie patrons alike. Baron Victor Von Frankenstein’s monster has inspired countless films, dating all the way back to 1910. To help you decipher what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s ugly in the cinematic world of Frankenstein, I’ve decided to rank several of them, each with their own special grade. The grades are given using a neck bolt-themed rating system. Five bolts is the best attainable score; one is the worst. Continue reading


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Breaking the Bastille Hangover: Trolls, Murderous Beds, and Japanese Frankenstein

As you may recall from a month ago, I made an attempt at a somewhat thorough list of the top 50 French films ever made. I quickly discovered that there were many that I hadn’t seen, and consequently made a checklist of 40 or so more French films that I’d need to watch prior to next Bastille Day. It would enable me to make a far more complete list next year. And I quickly set about my task. As a result, from July 14th until earlier this week- approximately forty days- I’d watched heavy, intellectual French films almost exclusively. It tallied out to around twenty movies.

And then, my brain broke. As truly fantastic as many of those films were, they were giving me a cramp in my frontal lobe. It was time to take a break. And that’s precisely what I’ve done this week. St. Louis summer finally broke its’ back (temps fell from the 90’s every day to the much more reasonable 80’s) and October is very quickly approaching. In other words, it’s time to start the annual rite of passage that involves watching loads and loads of crappy horror movies for 45 to 60 days. What did I accomplish? Continue reading

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