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Fictional Robots I’d Like to Hire

There’s a rich tapestry of robots in film and TV. From the metal goliath in Metropolis all the way to present day when Bender Rodriguez helps out the Futurama gang, robots have played a key role in helping humans do things. But sometimes, they’re hired for the wrong jobs. I would like to fix that. Here are some robots I’d like to hire to do things beyond their programming:

R2-D2, Star Wars
Job: Day Planner; Official Sidekick
With everyone’s favorite beeping garbage can at your side, you’d never forget an appointment; never go without the valuable items you can stuff inside of him, like lightsabers, rebel plans, or martini shakers; and you’d never have any prolonged issues with iPhones, computers, televisions, or gaming devices. He’s got a humor streak in him (insofar as beeping with smartass tones can be humorous) and he’s as loyal as a dog. He is the perfect sidekick. Continue reading


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Aliens Throughout History

Tonight, I finally watched The Day the Earth Stood Still- the 1951 original. It’s quite an impressive film. I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan but there’s little denying that it was both well-made and influential. In the long run, it made me wonder, “How can I turn this into a mildly pointless entry for TDYLF?”. TA-DA! Here are a bunch of aliens throughout history, presented chronologically. Perhaps seeing them chronologically will say something to you from a sociological vantage point about what scared and/or fascinated people throughout the various decades. As for how I’m viewing it? Look at the goofy pictures of aliens!

1948, Looney Tunes

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