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Ranking the Bounty Hunters Who Chased Han Solo

When I saw The Empire Strikes Back (1980) as a kid, one scene in particular stuck with me well after I’d seen it. In the middle of the film, Darth Vader has amassed a murderer’s row of… well, murderers, bounty hunters if you will. He’s going to pay the first one who successfully tracks down the universe’s most famous scruffy-looking nerf herder, Han Solo. There was just the right amount of wonder, curiosity, and fear that built up inside me, at age five, looking up at Vader’s band of miscreants. Ever since then, I’ve chewed on that scene, constantly contemplating the various angles to determine which of these bounty hunters is the coolest. Additionally, there was at least one other bounty hunter that hunted Han Solo–Greedo. Here’s how I rank them from worst to best: Continue reading


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Aliens Throughout History

Tonight, I finally watched The Day the Earth Stood Still- the 1951 original. It’s quite an impressive film. I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan but there’s little denying that it was both well-made and influential. In the long run, it made me wonder, “How can I turn this into a mildly pointless entry for TDYLF?”. TA-DA! Here are a bunch of aliens throughout history, presented chronologically. Perhaps seeing them chronologically will say something to you from a sociological vantage point about what scared and/or fascinated people throughout the various decades. As for how I’m viewing it? Look at the goofy pictures of aliens!

1948, Looney Tunes

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