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My Criterion Top Ten Top Ten

The Criterion Collection has an excellent series called Top 10 where they invite filmmakers, film critics and theorists, actors, cinephiles, and celebrities to list their Top 10 from the Criterion Collection. It’s a really unique series because it provides wonderful insights into what has influenced these people. Now that I’ve been reading these lists for a few years, my own personal top 10 of Criterion Top 10 lists has started to emerge. Here are the 10 people whose lists I like the most: Continue reading


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The Waiting is the Hardest Part: Movies I Can’t Wait to See

When you’re a huge movie fan, you’re liable to find out about lots and lots of projects well in advance of their release dates. This forces you into a very difficult position. You have to wait until it finally reaches theaters. Or when you don’t live in a movie mega-hub like Austin, Los Angeles, or New York, you’re forced to wait until the film hits DVD, Netflix Instant, or any of the other various viewing methods available. Right now, I’m extremely anxious to see an awful lot of films but I have to wait them out. Here’s what I can’t wait to see: Continue reading


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If “WTF” was a film category…

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