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Films That Don’t Deliver on Their Titular Promises


One of my favorite daily reads is Goregirl’s Dungeon, a site run by someone who loves horror films more than anyone I know. And the content is always reliable and accurate. So a few weeks back, I reached out to see if Goregirl would write an article for me since I could never supply the kind of content she does. Graciously, she accepted. Goregirl’s Dungeon is run by- of course- Goregirl. That means that it’s a site that lives up to its titular promise, which separates it from the films on this list. 

I am sure when John asked me if I would like to contribute something to The Droid You’re Looking For he was expecting something horror-oriented, as horror is my primary focus at Goregirl’s Dungeon. I, however, was aching to do something that was not specifically horror-related. An episode of The Simpson’s put an idea in my head that has been rattling around in there for years. In this particular Simpsons episode Nelson proclaims his dissatisfaction with his viewing of Naked Lunch. This is the result… Continue reading


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Harry Potter Spells that Other Movie Characters Need

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