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Eight Lessons I’ve Learned from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has finally come to a close, and it’s all the rage these days to write retrospectives. While others are contemplating which was the best film in the series, or whether or not the epilogue detracted from the final film, I’d prefer to approach it from a different angle. After eight movies, what have I learned from the Harry Potter movies?

Private school kids have it easy.
I went to public school. Instead of magical trains or ghost buses picking me up and taking me to class, I had a rickety yellow school bus driven by some guy named Lester. Instead of a fireplace, my school had several places where fires had once been started. The kids at Hogwarts dined in a palatial, candle-lit dining hall that was adorned with flags. I dined on rectangular pizza and pimento cheese sandwiches- placed on plastic trays- inside of a room that belonged in one of the Saw films. Private school kids apparently have it made. Continue reading


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The Ten Coolest Movie Tattoos

I have to admit- I admire great ink. There’s something to be said for the artistry that goes into a tattoo. That goes double for movie characters. To even notice them at all, they must be important or say something about the characters. Here are the ten coolest movie tattoos:

Mr. Horsepower, Raising Arizona (1987)

H.I. McDunnough and Leonard Smalls both have this bird tattoo, which often gets confused with Woody Woodpecker. It’s actually “Mr. Horsepower”, the logo for Clay Smith Cams. Continue reading


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Harry Potter Spells that Other Movie Characters Need

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