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My Criterion Top 10: Goregirl


In the parlance of today’s writer, gory greetings! We’ve reached day three of The Criterion Top 10 Series. First, a brief reminder- I’m running contributions from some of my favorite film critics, writers, and theorists from around the internet. Each writer is listing their top 10 from the Criterion Collection. Today’s entry is from my favorite fan of horror films, Goregirl. You won’t find anyone who’s more enthusiastic about the genre. And like some horrifying bug in a film made by her fellow Canadian, David Cronenberg, her enthusiasm is infectious. Think of your 20 or 50 or 100 favorite horror films, and I assure you that Goregirl has seen them and loved them. However, her tastes go deeper than just horror. For as long as I’ve been aware of Goregirl’s Dungeon, her blog, I’ve also known that she has an appreciation for Criterion’s quality. While she recently closed up shop at the Dungeon, you can find an immense archive of her writing there. She also has a very active Tumblr site and can be found on Twitter @ggsdungeon.

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Great Moments in Movie History Using Stick Figures: Hausu (1977)

The Great Moments series usually falls in one of two categories. Half of the time, it’s all about using stick figures to recreate a very memorable movie moment. The other half of the time, I like to give the stick figure treatment to the wonderfully absurd moments that you can only see in movies. And today’s subject- Hausu (1977)– is a film loaded with those kinds of scenes. Specifically, I’ve tackled the man-eating piano (or girl-eating piano, in this case). Enjoy! Continue reading


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Japan and the Criterion Collection: A Winning Combination

Last weekend, thanks to the fantastic review from the always trustworthy Goregirl’s Dungeon, I caught up with the Criterion Collection release of Kuroneko (1968). It’s about a woman and her daughter-in-law, who are raped and killed in a fire by a band of samurai. They return as ghosts, exacting their revenge upon all samurai… until they encounter the woman’s son (and the daughter-in-law’s husband), who has become a samurai. I won’t continue lest I spoil the film. Needless to say, it’s a tremendous movie. And it made me look back on all of the Japanese films I’ve seen out of the Criterion Collection. I haven’t seen a bad one yet. Continue reading


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If “WTF” was a film category…

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