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Happy Bastille Day! Now Go Watch a French Movie


This Sunday is Bastille Day. It’s a holiday that speaks to my (sort of) French heritage.* And more importantly, it speaks to my love of French cinema. And why shouldn’t it? In terms of quality per quantity, you can stack French movie history up against any other country. If you don’t believe my claim, perhaps it’s time to do some digging. Continue reading


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Horror Movies About Lesser Holidays

After New Year’s Day, the holiday season is officially over. We now have to wait for the Martin Luther King holiday, and then Groundhog Day. I’d probably be a lot more excited about those days if there was a corresponding horror movie associated with them. After all, New Years Eve and Day, Christmas, and obviously Halloween all have horror films associated with them. You can also add President’s Day (The Tripper), St. Patrick’s Day (The Leprechaun), Thanksgiving (Thankskilling), and even April Fool’s Day (self-titled). Which horror movies need to be made about the lesser holidays? Continue reading


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