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Homer Simpson’s Thought Bubbles: A Collection


One of the best parts of The Simpsons is the cacophony of stupidity that we see in Homer’s head whenever we see his thought bubbles. It’s hilarious- an orgy of dancing bears, monkeys, cows, clowns, and occasionally Flanders’ butt cheeks. Here’s a collection of Homer’s thought bubbles. I wish it was more comprehensive, although 19 examples is a good start. Continue reading


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The Simpsons and The Super Bowl

When you’ve been making a TV show for more than two decades, especially one that embraces cultural satire the way The Simpsons does, you’re bound to feature key parts of the zeitgeist a few times. And in the case of something so big in the zeitgeist–The Super Bowl–The Simpsons have featured it more than just a few times. Throw in the fact that their host network, Fox, has aired several Super Bowls during these last two decades and you can see that it’d be fertile territory for Matt Groening’s comic army. Here’s a list of references to the Super Bowl on The Simpsons: Continue reading


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A Problem Embiggened: The Simpsons Quandary

Have you ever had a dog that grew old? At the dog’s peak, it was your best friend. There are no other creatures on earth capable of giving so much unquestioned devotion. And you love it back for that very reason. They’re marvelous animals. And then one day, it begins to grow old. You ignore it at first. After all, your dog is your pal. It’s man’s best friend. You just want the good times to continue in whatever way they can. But time marches on, and the dog’s physical afflictions pile up. Things get serious. You begin to think things like “Ol’ Blue won’t be around much longer so I have to enjoy the time I have left with him.” And yet, you’d never dream of giving up on the mutt. They wouldn’t give up on you, would they? You’re going to see it through no matter what happens. Finally, a day arrives where you realize that the dog is suffering merely by being alive. That is precisely how I feel about The Simpsons these days. Continue reading


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Breaking Bald: TV’s 10 Best Bald Guys

I have recently become a humongous fan of An Idiot Abroad on the Science Channel. If you’re unfamiliar, the show stars primarily Karl Pilkington, as well as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant- the trio from HBO’s Ricky Gervais Show. Gervais and Merchant mercilessly needle Pilkington’s bald dome for looking “like an orange”. All of this teasing over baldness made me ponder- who are the ten best bald guys on TV? Continue reading


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Ten Great Animals from The Simpsons

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