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10 Rules for Eating Food While Watching Horror Movies

If you’re like me, you like to sit down with a movie at home, put your lunch or dinner in front of you, and go to town while the movie plays. It’s multi-tasking… or something. However, there are some unfortunate instances where this strategy can backfire. As a grizzled dual consumer of movies and food, allow me to enlighten you about what I’ve learned while eating and watching horror movies. Continue reading


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Are Horror Films Actually Scary? Does it Even Matter?

October isn’t very far away. And in my household, that means that I’m already ramping up the horror selections. That also means that I’ve been having quite a few conversations about horror,  mostly in the hope that friends can recommend some unseen gems. And I’ve also been reading a lot of horror reviews. The whole process has raised a few questions in my mind. Are horror films actually scary? And does it even matter if they are? Continue reading


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The Other Super Bowl This Weekend

This weekend, there’s a highly anticipated match-up between two impressive competitors. They’ll be butting heads, indoors, for glory that’ll last through at least the next few months. There are some big names involved. Oh, and I guess there’s a big football game going on, too.

I’m referring to two spectacular ghost stories that hit theaters this weekend–The Woman in Black and The Innkeepers. The big names include Daniel Radcliffe, the Hammer studio, Ciaran Hinds, and… well, I guess The Innkeepers has Kelly McGillis. Other than Paranormal Activity 3, there’s been a bit of a dry spell for wide-release horror films. To get two films in one weekend seems like an embarrassment of riches within that context. And to have two of this particular quality, our cups runneth over. Let’s break these down and see where they’re similar, where they’re different, and then I’ll give my preference. Continue reading


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