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The 9 Coolest Examples of Movie Characters Losing Their Mind


Movies provide an escape. They’re a safe way to experience dangerous things that we could never find in our everyday lives. Or at least, we would never experience them in our lives the same way they’re experienced on screen. And that brings us to today’s article. Nobody really wants to go insane. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t give us a rush on screen when it’s not real. Here are the nine coolest examples of movie characters losing their mind. Continue reading


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Remembering Erland Josephson: A Career in Screen Stills

For years, Woody Allen has used “surrogates”. They’re characters who are the on-screen representation of Woody Allen. Many directors do the same thing. For instance, Ingmar Bergman did it often, and he almost always used a member of his troupe of actors. Over the weekend, one of Bergman’s surrogates, Erland Josephson, passed away. He was 89 years old. He and Bergman collaborated on more than 40 films and plays. As a fan of Bergman, I am a fan of Josephson by proxy. To honor his career, here are a series of screen caps of Josephson in Bergman films. Continue reading


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A Very Bergman Christmas

Who better to send Christmas wishes to my readers for me this year than Ingmar Bergman, an atheist whose films were the antithesis of holiday merriment? In other words, here are a bunch of images from Bergman films where people are wearing Santa hats. And in the one case where there’s nudity, I’ve found a way to cover her shame. Her beautiful, beautiful shame.

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Five flavors of Ingmar Bergman

Summer has officially arrived in St. Louis, which means I’m either going to be grouchy or angry or depressed until September. You see, summer in St. Louis is like living inside of a dog’s mouth. In short, it’s oppressive. It zaps the energy right out of me. And as such, what better time to visit my old pal, Doctor Doom- Ingmar Bergman? After all, Bergman seemed to understand the concept of sunlight and intense heat as oppressive. Two scenes come to mind- the cannibal child on the cliff in Hour of the Wolf and the sexually symbolic/ripe with frustration clown-and-soldier scene in Sawdust and Tinsel. Both of these scenes were made more terrifying by the sun-bleached shots, the intense heat, the additional distortion of a washed out environment.

Several themes recur throughout the Bergman catalogue. Here are five, along with a must-see film from Bergman that puts a specific theme on display. Continue reading


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In defense of “Shutter Island”

I’ve seen an awful lot of critics and movie-goers hammering away at “Shutter Island”, and it bugs me. Some of what I’m about to say was covered in great detail by Peter Hall at Horror’s Not Dead:


(excellent site, by the way- a must-visit for horror fans). Here’s why “Shutter Island” is horribly underrated (here thar be spoilers): Continue reading

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