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The Venn Diagram of Green Guys


Since it’s December, the Grinch has invaded televisions worldwide. If you’re looking for a little Christmas cheer, everyone’s favorite pantsless villain is a great place to start. As Dr. Seuss’ drama unfolds, it’s impossible not to notice that the Grinch bears at least a few similarities to some other green pop culture icons. To illustrate that fact, I’ve created a venn diagram. Continue reading


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The Holiday Specials Quiz

In just a few short days, America will celebrate Thanksgiving. And a few short hours after that, the wonderful onslaught of holiday specials will begin. For a month, networks will march out every conceivable claymation and animation character and every holiday story to put you in the mood to BUY BUY BUY! To help you prepare, I’ve created a holiday specials quiz. How will you fare? Are you a grinch? A magical snowman? Santa? Continue reading


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Lessons I’ve Learned from Holiday Specials

It’s the holiday season, and the onslaught of holiday specials has started. Where would we be without holiday specials? They teach us the meaning of the season, encourage us to spend lots of money on loved ones, and give us a love of egg nog (so long as you dope it with whiskey). And sometimes, they teach us even more. Here are some things I’ve learned from holiday specials over the years.

You’d better shine bright at your job, or else you’re going to spend your time at work brown nosing or getting whipped by your boss. Continue reading


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