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15 Images of Martin Scorsese on Set

A lot of things happen to a movie before anyone actually sees it on screen. Most of what happens isn’t even seen on screen when it’s a finished product. The behind the scenes stuff makes up the guts of a film, and I’m in favor of bringing some of that to light. Here are 15 pictures of Martin Scorsese plying his craft throughout his career, on set. Continue reading


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The Eight Best Movie Clocks

Clocks are an excellent moviemaking device. They’re an easy way to establish time frames for viewers. And more importantly, they’re ripe with symbolism–a character’s time is running out, time has run out, how much time is left, and the like. They can also be a wonderful symbol of precision–”like clockwork”, so to speak. Here are the eight best movie clocks: Continue reading


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Rambling Thoughts About the Best Picture Nominees

I finally caught up with The Artist and Midnight in Paris this past week, bringing my paltry total up to five of the nine Best Picture nominees that I’ve seen. I can’t promise that I’ll see those other four, either before or even after the Oscar is handed out. But I have some rambling thoughts about the five that I have seen. Continue reading


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