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Infographic: The Films that Reference Casablanca (1942)

Thanks to the Blu-ray Elite project, I recently had a chance to re-watch Casablanca (1942), this time on Blu-ray. My first instinct was to write a review about the beloved, critically acclaimed masterpiece, but quickly realized that there’s not much I could say that hasn’t already been said. It’s a shining achievement of cinema and it has earned every last accolade it has received. Early in the film, I started picking up a lot of references. Many, many films have referenced Casablanca in some way or another. In lieu of the review, here’s an infographic that details just how many films thought highly enough of Casablanca to reference it.  Continue reading


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Infographic: The Big Parallel

As a lover of all things Lebowski, I’ve heard for years that the Coens stoner opus had drawn significant inspiration from Raymond Chandler’s novel, The Big Sleep, and Howard Hawks’ film of the same name by proxy. After hearing it from multiple sources, I decided that I really needed to see The Big Sleep (1946) to determine the depth of the similarities. Despite the best of intentions, I never actually got around to seeing Hawks’ film–after five or six years–until this past weekend. And sure enough, the people who had told me of the similarities were telling the truth. The similarities are amusing, striking, and served to add to the enjoyment of both films. Here’s an infographic that illustrates just how similar the two films really are: Continue reading


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100 Things I Love About the Movies

I passed a milestone recently here at TDYLF. Thanks to the help of the editors over at IMDB, I passed the 100,000 Hits milestone on Sunday (with a whopping 80,000+ of those hits coming just since September 30th). To celebrate, I’m beginning a brand new series called “100 Things I Love About the Movies”. To be sure, there a LOT more than 100 things that I love about the movies. As such, this has the potential to become a series- 100 Things I Love About Horror Movies, 100 Things I Love About Foreign Movies, and on and on. I present to you the first edition of “100 Things I Love About the Movies”.

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