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The 10 Best Fake Movie Titles from The Simpsons

A few weeks ago while writing about FuturamaI pointed out that one of my favorite parts of The Simpsons is how much humor they bury in the surroundings. The stores, the products sold in those stores, the newspaper headlines, and the marquees around town all feature bonus humor above and beyond the plot and dialogue. Never is it more evident than on the family’s various treks to the Springfield Googolplex to see a movie. There are tons of uproarious film titles that have appeared on the theatre marquee through the years. For instance… Continue reading


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10 Films Spoofed by Itchy and Scratchy

The violent cat and mouse from The Simpsons, Itchy and Scratchy, have been a favorite part of the show ever since their first appearance in the debut season. The cartoon-within-a-cartoon structure is brilliant- using a very violent cartoon show, on a cartoon show, to spoof other violent cartoon shows. As The Simpsons and Itchy and Scratchy grew in popularity, it opened up the possibility to spoof pop culture. Here are ten movies that have been spoofed by Itchy and Scratchy:

1. JFK (1991)
Simple but effective, it pops up in an untitled Itchy and Scratchy episode that’s “directed by guest director Oliver Stone”. It features Scratchy, in black and white footage, being led Lee Harvey Oswald-style through a room full of reporters before Itchy appears just in time to shoot him. It fades to black and someone is overheard saying, “Oh God! Get his gun!” before the end credits are heard. Sadly, Bart can’t be bothered with it because he’s reading Johnny Tremain.

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