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50 Things I Love About 90s Movies

Some of my most formative years as a cinephile were in the 1990s. It has become somewhat fashionable in recent years to bash the 1990s, often while praising the 80s (blech). You’ll never hear me bashing the 90s, primarily because it was such fertile territory for film. Call it the Weinstein Revolution, when indie cinema rose to previously unseen heights. Of course, the decade was also full of blockbuster fun. There’s so much to love about 90s movies that I’ve made a list. Continue reading


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Re-Watchterpiece Theater: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Re-Watchterpiece Theater is a series that explores the organic way that attitudes about films change after you watch them a second time, a third time, or more, further down the line than the original viewing. I’ve had my eye on a re-watch–an honest, clean, good re-watch–of a movie since 1999. Twelve and a half years is a long time to bide your time waiting for a re-watch. But the time finally came. And that movie is Terry Gilliam’s adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s era-defining novel, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Continue reading


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