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Ten Ideas for Game of Thrones Spinoffs


Game of Thrones was back in the news earlier this week by releasing a new trailer for season three, which begins on March 31. Given the way season two ended- DRAGONS! WHITE WALKERS!- it’s awfully easy to be thrilled about the upcoming season. I’m so thrilled, in fact, that I recently got my obligatory previous season re-watch out of the way, gobbling up season 2 in less than a week. The show’s vast expanse of intriguing characters has made me realize that there are a lot of spinoffs from that show that I’d watch. Continue reading


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Game of Thrones: The Quiz

HBO will begin airing the second season of Game of Thrones this Saturday. All of your old friends from the Seven Kingdoms- well, MOST of your old friends from the Seven Kingdoms- will be back on your TV, regaling you with tales of the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons, and the rest. To help put you in the mood, and to refresh your memory about season one, I’ve put together a quiz. Continue reading


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