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10 People Who Shaped My Sense of Humor

From the time you’re born, people try to make you laugh. That’s because there’s not much better than laughter. Whether you’re giving or receiving laughter, it’s such a simple and human connection. We all learn about humor somewhere, and pop culture is an undeniable source. There are several actors (and otherwise) who taught me how to laugh. These are the first ten that come to mind. Continue reading


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The Wit and Wisdom of Leon Black

Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally back. We can all breathe easier now. The long national nightmare is over. And because it’s back, we get more black. That is to say, we get more Leon Black, who is now rivaling Larry David for the best quotes on the show. After all, when Larry divorced Cheryl, there needed to be a character who could fill the breach. J.B. Smoove (a.k.a. Leon Black) was the perfect person for the job. Some of the best of Leon: Continue reading


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Five Shows I Think You Should Be Watching

I won’t even try to hide it- I am 100% “that guy”. I will harass the crap out of people about TV shows that I like. “Oh, you haven’t seen that yet?”, it starts. “Well you really should. It’s amazing”. Fast forward to the next time I see that same person. “Hey, did you ever check out _______?”. After the inevitable ‘no’, I continue the assault. “Oh, wow, you have no idea what you’re missing”. And on and on until eventually, people either tell me to shut the hell up and leave them alone about it, or they finally watch it. So what is the current checklist of TV shows that I think you should be watching? Continue reading


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Breaking Bald: TV’s 10 Best Bald Guys

I have recently become a humongous fan of An Idiot Abroad on the Science Channel. If you’re unfamiliar, the show stars primarily Karl Pilkington, as well as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant- the trio from HBO’s Ricky Gervais Show. Gervais and Merchant mercilessly needle Pilkington’s bald dome for looking “like an orange”. All of this teasing over baldness made me ponder- who are the ten best bald guys on TV? Continue reading


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The Greatest American Anti-Hero: Seven Great TV Anti-Heroes

Back in the late 60’s when Hollywood wanted to shake things up a bit, they turned theaters over to a bunch of young bucks named Coppola and Scorsese and the like. One of the things this group did was to canonize the anti-hero– characters like Michael Corleone and Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker helped shake off the shackles of the Hayes Code era. Television, however, didn’t really follow suit. There may have been the occasional anti-hero on TV, but it wasn’t until the last decade or two that the anti-hero really started to take root on television. And now, it’s as popular as ever. Seemingly every new series features someone who is doing something they shouldn’t be doing. And we sympathize with them. We love them, despite (and sometimes because of) their evil deeds. Here are my seven favorite TV anti-heroes: Continue reading


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Enthusiasm Uncurbed: The Long Wait for Season 8

Now that Dexter, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk  Empire are done with their respective seasons, there’s a lull in my TV viewing. Breaking Bad– my favorite show on TV- is still between seasons. The next contender to rescue my Sunday TV viewing is Curb Your Enthusiasm. Help me, Larry David. You’re our only hope.

In anticipation of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, here are my favorite moments from the show presented chronologically (because ranking them would be pretty much impossible). Initially, I thought I’d have 10 clips or so but the show is so hilarious that I wound up with twenty, and then edited it down to 12. All clips copyright HBO. Continue reading


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This Picture is Pure, Distilled Awesome

When you’re a child, you have no concept of your heroes. You kind of assume that there’s a party somewhere in the universe where Ozzie Smith is hanging out with Batman, Don Knotts, and Tim Conway. Then you grow up, figure out what’s real and what’s not, learn how the world works, and put such things out of your mind. Continue reading


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