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Re-Watchterpiece Theater: 12 Angry Men (1957)

Re-Watchterpiece Theater is a series that explores the organic way that attitudes about films change after you watch them a second time, a third time, or more, further down the line than the original viewing.

Often, the movies we choose are reflections of events in our lives, much like that time I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey a week after I went to outer space and defeated a nefarious super computer hell-bent on my evolution. Last week, I was called for jury duty, and was ultimately selected for the jury out of a panel of approximately 70 people. The trial itself- about a 3 month old child who had been shaken to the point of brain damage- was very difficult. But the process was completely fascinating. Listening to and evaluating evidence, determining the credibility of witnesses, and watching twelve unique individuals interpret the exact same information in their own distinct way served as a fascinating sociology experiment. And it was the impetus behind this week’s Re-Watchterpiece Theater film- 12 Angry Men. Continue reading


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