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Hollywood Zombies I’d Like to Meet

The St. Louis-based We Are Movie Geeks is my favorite resource for attaining screener passes to films before they come out. Their contests to acquire screener passes usually revolve around fun questions. Their most recent question, for passes to see ParaNorman, was a doozy:

You travel to Tinseltown – Hollywood – and you notice it’s full of the walking dead! What famous star do you hope to see as… A ZOMBIE!! and why.

I love this question so much that I’ve developed several answers. Continue reading


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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: The Update

A few months back, I mentioned my discovery of a book called 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. At the time, I was at 459 films seen out of the full 1,079 (78 other movies have appeared in updated editions of the book; ergo 1,079 and not 1,001). I’ve managed to tackle a few more since then, hopefully alleviating at least a few occurrences of “HOLY MOSES IN CHOCOLATE UNDERPANTS, YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THAT?!?!” that I hear occasionally. Since the first listing, I’ve seen:

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