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Movie Scenes That Adequately Represent My Angst About Albert Pujols Leaving St. Louis

Within two hours of waking up today, I found out that Albert Pujols, 1B for the St. Louis Cardinals, had signed a free agent contract to go play baseball for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim In California In the United States of North America. I kid; their real name is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. As a St. Louis resident and as a diehard fan of the Cardinals, I’ve seen the entirety of Albert Pujols’ career. And what a career it’s been. I know that most of my readers aren’t baseball fans, so allow me to explain it in quick, easy ways. He is one of the very best right-handed hitters to ever play the game of baseball. He is a legend. He is the kind of player who will force baseball fan parents to tell their kids, “I saw Albert Pujols play baseball”, and their baseball fan children will look on in awe. For 11 years, I have had the extraordinary luxury of being able to drive five miles, put down $20 (or less), and watch this person perform. I have been blessed by the baseball Gods.

He’s also something of a civic icon in St. Louis. He has a restaurant here. He has several charitable interests. He’s very active in the community. It was unthinkable that he’d ever leave. It was preordained that one day, the Cardinals would put a giant statue of him outside the stadium, just as they had with their previous icon, Stan Musial. And then today, the unthinkable happened. This being a movie website, I’ve compiled several movie scenes that encompass the full range of emotions I’ve had since the news went public. They include sadness, anger, shock, ball-and-face-punching despair, and other emotions. Here they are: Continue reading


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