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Bugs Bunny’s 15 Most Wanted

When you spend more than 70 years foiling your rivals attempts at chicanery, you’re bound to create some enemies. Such is the case with everyone’s favorite wascawy wabbit, Bugs Bunny. He’s been chased by hunters, ducks, evil scientists, witches, and just about every character conceivable by the creators of Looney Tunes. To keep track of his enemies, here’s an infographic featuring Bugs Bunny’s 15 Most Wanted, including their height, weight, and specific crimes. There are others, to be sure, but I’m putting forth the theory that none are cooler than these 15. Continue reading


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Aliens Throughout History

Tonight, I finally watched The Day the Earth Stood Still- the 1951 original. It’s quite an impressive film. I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan but there’s little denying that it was both well-made and influential. In the long run, it made me wonder, “How can I turn this into a mildly pointless entry for TDYLF?”. TA-DA! Here are a bunch of aliens throughout history, presented chronologically. Perhaps seeing them chronologically will say something to you from a sociological vantage point about what scared and/or fascinated people throughout the various decades. As for how I’m viewing it? Look at the goofy pictures of aliens!

1948, Looney Tunes

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