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The New Year’s Resolutions: Update #7


It’s that time again- time to keep myself honest with the various movie-related resolutions I set for myself back in January. One resolution has been completed, and another should be all finished in a matter of weeks. But there are many other resolutions that could use some work. Continue reading


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Deconstructing MASH (1970)

My friend Ryan- whose opinions I value as much or more than anyone else about movies- was recently singing the praises of the comedy in MASH (1970) to me when I was putting together my comedy flowchart. I’m ashamed to admit that as he was praising MASH, all I could remember from the first time I saw it was the overlapping dialogue and the Last Supper scene. In other words, I needed to re-watch it. Thanks to the fine folks at the Wildey Theater, I had my chance to re-watch it this past weekend, and on the big screen no less. Continue reading


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Failed Product Endorsements from the Movies

I wish any of these had ever been real.

Swanson Liver and Fava Bean Frozen Dinner

____________________________________________________________________ Continue reading


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Toting the Totem From “Inception” into Other Films

This year, Inception inserted the word “totem” into our vernacular. Here’s the dialogue that defined the totem in the film: Continue reading


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