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The Legend of Naked Karate Mallrats Guy

Approximately six years ago, I was watching Slither (2006) with my friend, who once met Kevin Meaney. A familiar actor appeared, but I couldn’t place the name. I asked, “Who is that guy? Why do I know that guy?” My friend who once met Kevin Meaney replied, “You probably recognize him as the Naked Karate Mallrats Guy.” And so began my appreciation for a character actor named Michael Rooker. Or as I have always called him since that day, the Naked Karate Mallrats Guy. Continue reading


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Recommended Mid-Season TV Show Replacements

It’s time for networks all over the TV landscape to introduce their viewers to new shows. It is with much regret that I must inform you- not all of them will make it past the larval stage. Ergo, TV executives must create emergency plans for when their shows die on the vine. To help them maintain continuity in their programming, I’ve come up with several recommended mid-season replacements. Continue reading


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