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Photoshop Tutorial: Achieving the Wes Anderson Effect in Film Stills

A few weeks back, I grumbled about having a hard time getting to the theater to see Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s latest film. I finally found time a few days ago. Not surprisingly, I loved it. Also not surprisingly, all of the usual Wes Anderson tropes are present. There’s one particular trope I’d like to talk about today, and I’m also going to give a quick lesson on how to achieve the look using Adobe Photoshop. Then I’ll give some examples. Continue reading


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Wes and Me: A 30-Something Fan’s Relationship With a Filmmaker

Films, filmmakers, and actors/actresses define eras of your life. It’s bound to happen when you’re a hardcore movie-watcher. Name any on-screen (or even off-screen) personality, and I can tell you when I became aware of their work. One day in the fall of 1998 when I was 22 years old, my friend and I made a trek to Eastgate Cinema in Madison, Wisconsin. Our goal was to see a smaller, indie film that just happened to star Bill Murray. The name of the film was Rushmore. Little did I know that I’d be following that filmmaker, watching him grow and stagnate, achieve and fail, through my early adulthood. Continue reading


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