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The Official List of 2013 New Year’s Movie Resolutions

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I know I’m jumping the gun since Christmas is still a few days away and New Year’s isn’t for almost two weeks, but it’s been on my mind so much lately that it just seemed right to put it all down. I had so much fun last year going after my 2012 resolutions that I’ve decided to double down and create a list of resolutions for 2013.  Continue reading


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Infographics: Inebriation and Likelihood of Film Genre Selection

There are three lessons to be learned here:

1. If I’m drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants, I’ll watch almost anything.

2. I have to be drunk enough that I’m on the verge of defecating in my pants to watch a musical or a romantic comedy.

3. Nunsploitation and comedy films are almost always good.

Let’s roll that fabulous bean footage. As always, there are higher-res versions available if you click on the various images.

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