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How are you finding my blog?

Shortly after I started this blog, I received a really quick lesson about tags and keywords. One of my first entries was about Nazi zombie movies, and I’d referenced Dead Snow, a film that features a couple having sex while the guy is pooping. And so I added “Sex while pooping” to my list of post tags. About a week later, someone out there in the world searched for “pooping blogs” and found mine. It was, quite frankly, horrifying. This means that someone who is aroused by defecation was visiting my blog. I felt so… dirty. Since then, I’ve been (slightly) more careful about what I’ll use for keywords and tags. What else have people searched for to find my blog? Continue reading


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Gott in Himmel! Das ist eine Nazizombie!

Q: How do you say “constipation” in German?
A: Farfrompoopin

And with that crappy joke, let’s talk about a little sub-genre that doesn’t get nearly enough love. Let’s talk about Nazi zombies.

You see, zombies are evil. They want to eat your brains and they really can’t be stopped unless you sever their brain. EVIL, I say! But what’s eviler than that evil? What if the resurrected corpse trying to eat your brain was a Nazi when it was alive? NOOOOOOOO! This is an unstoppable force! Continue reading


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