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The Five Stages of Coping With a Negative Dark Knight Rises Review

With opening night for The Dark Knight Rises just days away, reviews have started appearing. They’ve been overwhelmingly positive. However, a few reviews have dared to suggest that it’s average or even bad. Can you imagine the gall of these critics to do what they’re paid to do- give an opinion about a movie? How dare they, and such. And judging from some of the comment sections of these reviews, there are clearly some people who don’t understand how to cope with a negative review. Death threats to the critic are not the best coping method. No, seriously- click on that link. People actually threatened death because of a negative review of a movie about a guy dressed up as a giant bat. Fortunately, I’ve come up with this handy chart to help you should you encounter one of these nefarious critics who dare to say a movie is bad. Continue reading


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