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Boardwalk Empire, Season 2: Final Thoughts

Boardwalk Empire just completed the second season, a season that was met with much critical acclaim. The Onion AV Club gave five of the episodes this season A- or better ratings, and believe me–they don’t dole those out liberally. For comparison, the beloved show Modern Family only has one A or A- rating this season. Curb Your Enthusiasm earned 4 A or A- grades out of their most recent ten-episode season. So how did the season go? What’s left to be said before we put the show away for a few months? Here are my final thoughts on the second season. Caution: spoilers ahead for the entire season. If you haven’t seen the whole season, I highly recommend that you do not read this. Continue reading


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Ten Great Moments from the First Season of Boardwalk Empire

I had been doing synopses/discussion of each episode of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire but at some point, it became a little bit cumbersome. I was so busy frantically scribbling down notes that I was missing the meat of the show. Sure, I was getting the mechanics of it, but I wasn’t enjoying it to the maximum degree. So around episode 7, I bailed on the idea and figured I’d re-visit the show later with a “Ten Great Moments”. But I’m too impatient. Even with two episodes left in the season- plenty of time for another great moment to be piled on here- I’ve opted instead to post my list early. Here, in my opinion, are the ten best moments from the first season of Boardwalk Empire. Continue reading


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Boardwalk Empire Season 1, Episode 6: Family Limitation

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Boardwalk Empire, episode 3: Broadway Limited

We’re now three episodes deep into Boardwalk Empire and the one thing that I’m starting to enjoy as much as anything is the humor. We got a taste of it right away in the most recent episode. Continue reading


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