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Google Autocomplete Movie Reviews


Google’s autocomplete feature is a wonder of modern society. It’s like going on a real-time archeological dig to determine how our society feels about any subject possible. It’s a roller coaster ride, fluctuating wildly from humorous to educational to horrifying, all contingent upon what you’re searching. Here are some lessons that we can learn, reviews as it were, of various movies using Google autocomplete. Continue reading


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Movie Foods I’d Like to See Andrew Zimmern Eat on Bizarre Foods

I really enjoy Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. First and foremost, Zimmern is an extremely likable guy. He has a lot of passion for experiencing new cultures via the way people eat, which is a really cool way to break down barriers in language and customs. He’s ruthlessly honest in his descriptions of what he’s eating, what kind of texture it has, and what kind of flavor it has. His reactions are genuine. And I find the food that he eats on that show fascinating. Where else on TV are you going to see someone sampling snake bile, volcano rabbit head, or camel kidney? Last but not least, I have a soft spot for Zimmern because he reminds me of my own well-traveled brother, who is also bald and enjoys introducing people to new cultures via their food. His four year old son even loves the show because Zimmern reminds him of his father/my brother. But I’m not a food critic. I write about movies and TV. Keeping that in mind, here are several dishes eaten in movies that I’d like to see Zimmern try. Continue reading


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Remakes That Are Giving Me the Red Ass Right Now

Baseball people have a term that they love to use- “red ass”. It’s used in reference to people who are quick to anger and are willing to scrap, or play hard, or however you want to interpret it. Typically, it revolves around perceived injustices. It can also be shortened to “the ass”. A few usage examples:

“Ty Cobb was a real red ass”

“That brawl never would have happened if their catcher didn’t have the ass”

The current Hollywood trend- remakes- isn’t inherently giving me the red ass. After all, there are occasions where remakes make perfect sense. 2010’s The Crazies is a perfect example. The 1970’s original had a great idea, but it was flawed. They updated it and it was vastly improved. Unfortunately, a lot of remakes don’t fit this dynamic. Sometimes, it makes no sense whatsoever to remake certain films. And when it happens, it gives me the red ass. Some examples: Continue reading


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Vis-à-Visceral: The Most Uncomfortable Acts to Witness in Film

Odds are pretty good that it’s happened to all of us. You’re watching a film, you might have even heard that there’s something “trying” in it, or “challenging”, or whatever other ominous adjective someone used to describe what you’re going to watch. And then it happens- the “it”, the scene that makes you cover your eyes. It’s the scene that makes your stomach turn. And what is “it”? Probably one of these horribly uncomfortable acts:

“It”- incest- has been happening in pop culture ever since Oedipus did the worm with his mom in the 5th century B.C. I guess you could say it’s nothing new. It still pops up in films from time to time. Sometimes, but not always, you can see guideposts all the way and you spend the entire film hoping beyond hope that the filmmaker won’t actually follow through with it. Other times, it’s a horrible twist that you didn’t see coming.
Examples: Oldboy (2003); Chinatown (1974); Murmur of the Heart (1971); The Godfather: Part III (1990) Continue reading


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